ALICE aka Alice Pasquini (IT)

Alice Pasquini is a visual artist from Rome who works as an illustrator, set designer, and painter. Alice’s preferred canvases are city walls and she’s traveled widely, bringing her artwork to life on the streets of different cities across the globe, such as Sydney, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Saigon, London, and Rome.

Alice graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and has lived and worked in Great Britain, France, and Spain. While in Madrid she completed coursework in animation at the well-respected Ars animación school and, in 2004, she obtained an MA in critical art studies at the Universidad Computense (The Complutense University of Madrid). Alice do things in her own way. Wandering through a random city for the first time, sparking impulse for creation comes from the color of the wall or natural frames she can use to integrate the work into the context, a nearby church or school. Painting illegal is what drives her and gives her the most satisfaction. Put in her own words: “The adrenaline, the 15 minute countdown to do something decent – to have your eyes on the lookout, to test what you can do spontaneously.  It’s stimulating for me to push myself.” Fearful of the consequences, she uses her own name, instead of an alias, without hiding her face, in order to stand openly behind her own artwork.

Through her art she strives to demonstrate the small moments between people and their connections to one another. She wishes to represent human emotion and explore these emotions from a different point of view. Alice is particularly interested in the representation of women in art and the desire to show strong, independent women in a way that differs from the highly sexualized image of femininity that is typically seen in society. She uses different type of materials depending on the support and the background.  For big walls Alice favor acrylic and spray paint, working freehand.  For smaller pieces in city centers preferred tools are small stencils and in the studio she paints on wood with acrylics and enamels.  Whatever the method all of her ideas are originally generated with ballpoint pen and her sketchbook. // selected exhibition

Hidden (Large)After All (Large)

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