TELMO&MIEL aka Telmo Pieper & Miel Krutzmann (NL)

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“TELMO&MIEL” is an artist duo from the Netherlands who combine spray painting styles with classic Realism, Abstraction and Surrealism. Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann are muralists and imagemakers, who share a fascination for realistic imagery and are currently making life-sized wall paintings using spraypaint.

Telmo Pieper, born in 1989 in Rotterdam (Netherlands), graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy. He is a creator, imagemaker, contemporary graffiti artist and makes up one half of the wondrous artistic duo. The other half is Miel Krutzmann, born in 1984, who also received his degree from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Miel is a mural painter and illustrator, who started drawing incessantly as a child and never quite stopped.

Together they started their own company called TelmoMiel. Telmo and Miel live and work in Rotterdam (Netherlands). // selected exhibition

GLOVEBIRDS 150x100 (Large).jpgsleepy weepy (2) (Large)MyGloveisGreat 150x100 (Large).jpgI'm out of Glove 100x80 (Medium).jpgGlove You Till The End 100x80 (Medium).jpg