TELMO&MIEL aka Telmo Pieper & Miel Krutzmann (NL)

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“TELMO&MIEL” // Creative duo; Miel (Amsterdam, born May ’84) and Telmo (Rotterdam, born June ’89) started their company ‘TelmoMiel’ in the beginning of October 2012.

Them meeting (in 2006) made attending the Academy a success. Almost everything that was learned, they got from working with each other. Telmo and Miel started to do murals together, with individual pieces into one composition. This evolved into painting one image together, creating concepts and designs as a duo. With a respect for both visions, they found that ‘perspective’ is one of the most important & interesting aspects of art. The perspective of the maker compared to the viewer, the difference in intend, meaning and interpretation. Perspectives on concept, colors and composition and so forth. This idea of ‘multiple viewing points’ or ‘differences’ is an ongoing discovery in their work. Recent paintings contain playfulness in abstraction of reality, attempting to make the viewer see subjects with a different eye; They grew into using multiple images, layered over one another. By cutting away a top layer, another comes forward to complete the design. This provides a convenient abstraction, but the intend is to create a sort of marriage between figurative parts. Pieces that weren’t normally seen as one, but now complete each other in weird and beautiful ways. Attempting to show nuanced similarities in obvious differences. With references to the human and animal worlds they create complex creatures and fantastic scenarios. Aiming to bring across positivity, humor and a touch of the romantic, their work is arresting and epic. Often executed on a monumental scale, creating huge architecturally sized paintings on building façades. In between they continuously paint with oils on smaller scale, creating bodies of work to exhibit. Their studio work contains individual and collaborative pieces, but all carry the name TelmoMiel.

Their studio & gallery can be found in Rotterdam, named Sober Collective. // selected exhibition

Grass stains & Little Charmers_140x200Leafy Feathers_70x80 (Large)When I Walk Through The Forest I Always Pick Up A Stick_80x80 (Large)The Timid Toreador_100x70 (Large)GLOVEBIRDS 150x100 (Large).jpg